School History

A Histoy of Primary School Tallarook 1488 compiled by John Jennings.


Tallarook State School No. 1488 was opened on 1st January 1875 replacing No. 745 Tallarook which had operated on the property of the Roman Catholic Church since 1864.  The new building of solid brick measured 36ft by 20ft and had a small porch on the northern side and a gallery floor. 


Michael Cussen was Head Teacher and Ellen Condon Workmistress, positions they had previously held at No. 745.  During the early years the attendances ranged frm 15 to 25 pupils and except for attempts at tree planting, frustrated by wandering stock and fowls, the school had an uneventful early history. 


In March 1899 the school was closed for a few days to allow for painting and repairs to be carried out.  The average attendance in 1899 was 53 pupils.  By June 1908 the average attendance had dropped to 31 pupils, reducing even further in 1910 to just 16 pupils. 


A letter dated 9/5/1910 accused Head Teacher O'Neill of not having the flag at half mast for the death of King Edward VII.  No disciplinary action was taken. 


In 1911, Hester G Evans commenced duty as Head Teacher and he and Catherine Gilmour, correspondent of the newly formed School committee were soon requesting that the scool be painted and repaired.  Late that year another letter from Evans told ho "the schoolgrounds are infested wit fowls" and "the flower garden is destroyed".   During 1913 a request was put forward for two new blackboards for the school.  Evans remained at Tallarook until the end 1913 when the average attendance was 18 pupils.